All Bail Bonds offices are independent and owned by their operators. We know the Nevada court system and how to get it out as soon as possible on bail. We do not want you to waste more time, arrested than is strictly necessary.


The Cost of a Bail Bond Service

We have made it as easy as possible to obtain bail bonds in Henderson NV. If you or a friend becomes detained and will need to be released on bail, give us a call. óWe issue bonds by phone with a credit card and without charge for the transaction! If you need to be released on bail, you are already in a very difficult situation. That’s why we train our staff to take the pressure off. We will guide you through the process of obtaining your bail in Henderson NV, step by step, in the simplest way, until the final success.

We (lions bailbonds) are conveniently located, to facilitate the bail bonds that you may need to resolve your legal problems. You will undoubtedly have better things to do than spend your life sitting in a prison. Let us help you get your life back. Call us today! 

General Information – What is a bond?

When someone is accused of having committed a crime and is arrested, the court will demand the delivery of a certain amount of money as a guarantee that the accused will appear in court when summoned. Many do not have at their disposal the large amounts of money that courts usually demand, and this includes the residents of Henderson NV. It is then that the guarantor takes action. We provide the money in your name to help you get out of trouble.