Blank loan up to 30,000 euros possible

To modernize your own home you often need a loan and collateral for the bank. But now many building societies offer easier access to a loan. With a loan of up to 30,000 euros, many banks no longer require a security deposit. This was always allowed by law. However, the limit for unsecured loans was 15,000 euros. But this has changed fundamentally due to a reform of the Bausparkassenverordnung this year.

The association director of Landesbausparkassen, Hartwig Hamm, is pleased with the new regulation. Because with that the federal government has adjusted the maximum contributions of the price development. In addition, according to Hamm, a reasonable framework for unbureaucratic lending has been created. Michael Mehr, CEO of Allianz Dresdner Bauspar, also considers the new legislation to be timely. Finally, two-thirds of real estate financing demands are related to home ownership modernization.

Especially attractive is the RenovaEnergie loan. Here customers receive an unsecured loan for the modernization of the home with an annual percentage rate of 4.22%. But not only the low interest rate is interesting for an unsecured loan. Because without basic security, no registration of the Grundpfandsrecht in the land register . These can amount up to 300 euros with a loan amount of 30,000 euros. These are additional costs that are eliminated.

In the coming months, all ten Landesbausparkassen will offer customers a so-called blank loan with a maximum amount of 30,000 euros.

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