A vulnerable world Cybersecurity in Peru advances one step, but cybercrime advances from 2 to 3. Cyber ​​attacks against companies grew by 600% in 2018, compared to 2017. And nothing is done yet in our country.

We spoke with Iván Chumo, general manager of Optical Networks, about ISO 27 001 certification, which protects companies from cyber attacks.

What is the current status of Peruvian companies with respect to cybersecurity? According to Chumo, at least 70% of Peruvian companies have not done a vulnerability analysis.

“The issue of security is very little studied and companies have taken it with little seriousness. One in four Peruvian companies has suffered a virus attack, last year. From 2017 to 2018, there was a 600% increase in attacks against companies in Peru “.

What we have to understand about the subject of computer security, as Chumo explained, is that we can do it based on three rings.

One is on a personal level where all the information we upload is vulnerable. Another is the level of companies, there are vulnerabilities such as the human factor, just open an unwanted email for the company to be affected. And the third is at the national level, which should also be considered.

“The level of defense that one must have on the Internet is related to the information one has and how much is attentive to the survival of the company.”

In general, the most common attacks are viruses; however, in the last year they were the ransomware. “An email that is nicknamed your machine and you have to pay a ransom. Virus represents 70 to 75% of attacks that exist, ransomware continues to rise with 15%, pishing among others, represents the rest. “

On solutions to counteract cybercrime, Chumo stressed that there is an international standardization organization that determines international certifications. “ISO 270001, international safety certification, which reviews all internal processes of the company to verify that everything is protected. However, less than 150 Peruvian companies have this certification. “

Will this delay us for the Internet of Things? “The pass to the internet of things is going to be given, the perfect analogy is with the use of seat belts. If you have an accident, without a belt, you will be more affected. Of equal if we do not take the measures and security of the case. The Internet of things is coming, whatever it may be. “

Finally, he said that Peruvian companies are aware of the risks when they are attacked. But there should be a national policy that assumes responsibility for this issue. “In order to take off as a country, it is essential to train new generations to not only be importers of technology.”