Loan conditions | current loan conditions in comparison

Who wants to take out a loan, must pay attention to the conditions. These include not only the costs associated with financing, but also the term and amount of the loan. In addition to the annual percentage rate, which accounts for a large part of the total costs, special special services and their fees are also part of the credit terms that customers can opt to make use of.

The conditions at a glance

The cost of financing is primarily influenced by the APR. For this reason, a comparison of credit conditions should focus on this factor. The loan rate includes several price-determining factors such as the debit interest, the contract period and the processing fee – the latter is no longer charged by all institutes. In recent years, there have been several judgments of higher regional courts, which had declared the processing fee inadmissible. A supreme court decision of the Federal Court is still pending.

Not taken into account in the total cost of funding, but nevertheless of importance to the debtor , are special unscheduled repayments. Especially for loans with a long term, it makes sense to pay attention to this option when choosing a loan. There are many institutions that charge prepayment penalties for unscheduled payments or for early loan repayments.

The credit terms of the banks also include the increase in the loan amount and the option to increase or decrease the installment amount during the term. If you want to use this opportunity for yourself, you have to pay fees at many institutes. Consumers who want to use these options during the term should opt for a bank that charges little or no cost – so the overall burden does not increase too much.

Compare current loan conditions

Cheap lending rates and the current terms of institutions find consumers with a comparison. For this purpose, the desired sum and the running time are entered into the calculator, which then calculates the costs. So consumers will find the cheapest for their desire loan conditions and can save a lot of money.

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