New loan model in France

It is not always easy to get a loan in Germany. Especially if you are in the middle of education, already at retirement age or unemployed. In France, there is now a new model, the so-called microcredit for people with low incomes. The model for this form of credit is Nobel laureate and banker Mohammed Yunus.

With this microcredit you have the chance to finance the license or just to be able to afford a new denture. The loans run over in a period of three years and are granted in the amount between 300 euros and 3,000 euros . The interest rates are usually four percent . Meanwhile, the model exists in several cities in France.

The loans are used for a variety of purposes. “It can also be a dental treatment or simply the purchase of a piece of furniture. It can also be young people who need to finance an apprenticeship, “says the volunteer Marie-Claire, who advises people every morning who otherwise would not get a chance to get a loan.

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