Success Story KfW student loan: 100,000 loans in five years

When tuition fees became a nationwide mass phenomenon five years ago, KfW Bankengruppe came up with the idea of launching a special loan for students on the market . Meanwhile, the KfW – Student Loanbecome a success story. As the KfW Bankengruppe announced now, the state-subsidized loan was granted to a budding student in biotechnology and nanotechnology at the FH Iserlohn.

For Dr. Axel Nawrath, Member of the Executive Board of KfW Bankengruppe, considers this number another milestone in the history of this loan product: “100,000 KfW student loans – this number proves that the student loan has successfully established itself since its introduction in April 2006 as a means of financing the cost of living. With this product, KfW actively and sustainably promotes the knowledge society, because education is a key factor for Germany’s future viability. The KfW Student Loan is also an important element in the financing of their studies for the hundredth thousandth sponsored student . “

Internationally, Germany still ranks far behind the leading industrialized nations in terms of the proportion of undergraduate students after graduation. Affected as educational experts see it mainly difficulties in financing as a cause. To counteract this development, the loan developed by KfW is awarded to every student – regardless of the parents and their or their own income. There is also no limit to the subjects studied, only a standard period of ten semesters for the first degree should be complied with.

Incidentally, the experience gained so far with the financing of study in general and with the KfW Student Loan in detail has now also been empirically researched: within the scope of a survey conducted by KfW together with the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) among almost 4,500 students in the winter semester In 2010/2011, 86% of KfW-funded students stated that they would not have been able to study at all without the KfW Student Loan.