The National Court has decided to send Rosalía Iglesias, the wife of Luis Bárcenas, to prison, without waiting for the Supreme Court to decide the appeals against the ruling of the first period of the Gürtel case. Churches may, however, leave prison if they deposit to 200,000 euros. She is sentenced to 15 years and one month in prison for five tax offenses, misappropriation, money laundering and falsehood in commercial documents.

Around 15:20 hours, a van of the Civil Guard moved Churches from the National Court to Soto del Real, the prison where the extesorero of the PP has been hosted since last Monday. The lawyers of churches have not been able to collect the bail in just three hours – the period between which the warrant was communicated to their client and the time of transfer to jail.

Time Trial, the lawyer Marta Giménez-Cassina probes the environment of churches to collect 200,000 euros and deposit them in the National Court, either through transfer or through guarantees. The moment she succeeds, Rosalía Iglesias will leave the prison.

The decision was taken by a court consisting of two magistrates who participated in the hearing, Ángel Hurtado and Julio de Diego, and the president of the Second Section, María José Rodríguez Duplá. This has replaced José Ricardo de Prada, on leave of absence, and to whom the General Council of the Judiciary has not given permission to participate in the bar, despite being one of the three judges who has judged the case.

Churches will be taken to prison in Madrid until their environment meets, if possible, the 200,000 euros of bail. The court has not given a deadline to collect the amount before sending it to prison and, therefore, the procedures foreseen in these cases will be followed. Bárcenas’ wife has not been handcuffed once the prison decision has been communicated to her, according to sources.

“The fact that her husband is in prison is a circumstance that can alleviate the risk of escape,” the court in the ruling on Iglesias says, indicating that the risk of him leaving the country is less than Barcenas’s because his penalty is less.

However, the court says that one can not ignore “the significant amount of economic resources that the couple came to collect with the illicit criminal activity displayed by both spouses.” For that reason, they agree to impose the bond that “is in accordance with the benefits that were reported, part of which has not been able to locate.”

The judgment in the case shows that Bárcenas and Iglesias transferred funds from one of their accounts in Switzerland to the father of another defender, Bárcenas’ frontman Ivan Yáñez. I have ordered the transfer of € 200,000 to the account that the couple had opened at the Butterfield Trust bank in the Bermuda Islands, which had not been located.


Elusive prison also for Sepúlveda

prison bail

The same decision has taken the court over Jesus Sepulveda, former husband of Ana Mato and former mayor of Pozuelo. In his case, the judges have imposed a deposit of 100,000 euros. The Second Section of the Criminal Chamber has agreed to send you elusive prison with that bail.

In case of depositing that amount will be imposed precautionary measures such as withdrawal of passport, the prohibition of leaving Spain and bi-weekly appearances in court. The Office of the Prosecutor has requested that he be placed in prison without bail for the risk of escape until the Supreme Court decides on his sentence.

The court argues that Pozuelo, in a situation similar to Bárcenas or López Viejo, must have a different treatment “for the smallest amount of the penalty that has corresponded to him”. The bond, in the case of churches, is consistent with the benefits and assets that came to be obtained with the illicit criminal activity.


Several convicted, released with precautionary


This Wednesday, the court has decided to release Carmen Rodriguez Quijano, ex-wife of Correa, with precautionary measures and sentenced to 14 years and 8 months in prison. The same decision has been adopted for Juan José Moreno, former councilor of Majadahonda and sentenced to 15 years and 2 months in prison and for the considered accountant of the Gürtel, José Luis Izquierdo, sentenced to 17 years. All of them must hand in their passport, they have an obligation not to leave Spain and appear every fifteen days in court.

The car about Correa’s ex-wife indicates that she has no funds to allow her to flee and has a 14-year-old daughter under her charge: “This court, insofar as it is in their hands, should try to ensure that this situation between mother and daughter do not truncate at this time. “

In the case of Izquierdo, the court highlights his age (69 years) and his deteriorated state of health, as well as that of his wife, “who make it very difficult for him to escape.” For Moreno, who was one of the informers of the plot, the judges highlight that collaboration with justice. In addition, they emphasize that they can not interrupt the fertility treatment to which their wife is being subjected.

In the same situation of fortnightly appearances and passport withdrawal is Antonio Villaverde, a lawyer who worked between 2002 and 2004 for Correa. The judges accept his argument that he must take care of his sick mother and that value has always appeared before the court.

Gerardo Galeote and Jesús Merino, both ex-deputies of the PP, Carlos Clemente, exalt charge of the Community of Madrid, Teresa Gabarra, ex-wife of López Viejo, Iván Yáñez and Pedro Rodríguez Pendás must also appear every 15 days. Clement, who resides in Colombia, will be able to make those appearances in Bogota. Galeote will have his passport withdrawn.


Three convicts are in prison since Monday

in prison

The judges have already sent Luis Bárcenas to jail on Monday. They argued, in addition to the high penalty to which he was sentenced, that he had funds abroad, as the other two convicts who go to prison, but in his case “part of them has not been found.”

In the case of Majadahonda, Guillermo Ortega, sentenced to 38 years and also in prison, the judges reminded him that he created “a financial and organized network for theft of funds”, which increases their risk of escape.

The third convict already in prison since Monday was Alberto López Viejo. The court, in the order for which it is sent to prison, indicates that it presents a significant risk of flight because it has funds abroad: “The risk of flight is increased, especially taking into account the availability of their funds by putting them safely in Swiss accounts. “